Viking 32 Cast Iron

  • Max. Capacity to 102 m3/h

  • Max. Pressure 17 BAR for 21 cSt & above

  • Max. Viscosity 1 to 55,000 cSt

  • Temperature Range -51 to +232

Viking 32 Cast Iron
Viking Series 32 pumps are ideal for light, medium and intermittent service handling of a variety of liquids.
The smaller sizes “C”, “F” and “FH” are constructed for heavier duty service. Mechanical seal equipped pump models in sizes from “C” to “HL”  are available with Underwriters label for handling fuel oil. 
Viking’s unique and unusually simple pump construction makes it adaptable to many diversified installations. The pumps possess excellent vacuum characteristics and will operate and prime at suction lifts up to 7.62 metres, depending upon the vaporization point of volatile liquids. Because of the cushioned action in providing a continuous and steady stream of liquid without splashing, pounding, foaming or churning, the Viking pump is adaptable to an unlimited number of industrial applications.


Relief Valve on Casing or Head

The integral pressure relief valve on casing or head permits by-passing of liquid from discharge back to suction side of pump. Reverse valve when reversing pump rotation on large pumps. Small pumps with relief valve built with right hand suction as standard.


Steam Jacketed Head

Jacketed head or plate permits temperature control of the liq uid being pumped. Jacketed plate available on “G” through “LL” size pumps. Jacketed head available on “Q” through “N” sizes. Relief valve not available with jacketed head or plate.


All sizes of Viking 32/432 Series pumps have tapped ports except “LQ”, “LL”, “Q”, “M” and “N” sizes. These have flanged ports ready to accept companion flanges.

“K” through “N” sizes are furnished with conventional  packing as standard. A cartridge style triple lip sealing option is available for the “K” through “N” sizes
A supporting anti-friction bearing pillow block is recommended for the end of the pump shaft on all V-belt driven units.