Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering Ltd. Asphalt and Bitumen pumps shipped from Ireland from Viking Pump

Asphalt and Bitumen Pumps for Making Road Surfaces and Roof Pitch – Based in Ireland

We make pumping systems for Asphalt / Bitumen. They come from Ireland, so there are no customs forms to deal with.

Our quotes for Asphalt Pumps and Bitumen pumps come with drawings, so you can see what you are getting from the beginning. Each pump is specified for your application.

Viking 34 Series Asphalt Pumps are designed to handle asphalts, bitumen, pitch, tar, bunker oils, residual oils and related materials that solidify at ambient temperatures.


The 34 Series are Viking’s simplest asphalt pumps. It has a hydraulically-balanced rotor that eliminates the need for thrust control while also limiting the pressures to 100 PSI and less. For higher pressure options, the Viking Heavy Duty Asphalt Pumps features an outboard thrust bearing as well as additional flow rate options.

The newest feature for these pumps is the O-Pro Seal from Viking Pump – this seal is s superior alternative to a gland packing, seal, avoiding leaks

Speak directly to our engineers today – call us today on 012750801 or email about the Asphalt or Bitumen pump you need.

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