Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pumps in Waste Water Treatment

Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pumps in Waste Water Treatment

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Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Dosing pumps for water and wastewater treatment

Verderflex Peristaltic Hose pumps are proven performers in water and waste treatment solving problems including:

  • Dosing and metering treatment chemicals and reagents including ferric chloride (“Ferric”), sodium hypochlorite (“Hypo”), chlorine water, lime (Kalic® or Kalkmilch), caustic soda, powder activated carbon and polymers

  • Sludge transfer

  • Filter press feeds

Typically both hose and tube pumps are used as chemical dosing pumps accurately and repeatedly delivering a wide range of chemicals whilst addressing the problems of the liquid:
  • Lime is abrasive causing diaphragm pumps to clog due to lime’s viscosity and progressive cavity pumps to suffer from abrasive wear
  • Hypo offgases when pumped causing dosing pumps to vapour lock resulting untreated liquid streams
  • Polymers are often shear sensitive and progressing cavity pumps reduce the particle size leading to increase chemical usage
  • Sludge’s often have a high grit content creating abrasive wear problem for many pumps with rotary pumps suffering from ragging problems on primary sludge.
  • Additionally, Verderflex Smart tube pumps can be interfaced with SCADA systems giving easy remote controlled dosing capabilities

Here are some casestudies about the Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pumps in different Waste Water Treatment applications: 

Peristaltic Pumps Waste Less in Wastewater Treatment in Minnesota USA

The City of Eagan in North Minnesota, USA required a pump capable of accurately dosing 15% sodium hypochlorite or ‘hypo’ for their new wastewater treatment plant.

Hypo has outstanding disinfection properties, used in wastewater treatment to kill off bacteria before being discharged back into the environment, and in water treatment as one of the primary methods of drinking water disinfection. It is also a challenging product to pump as; when being pumped, Hypo tends to off-gas, causing some pump types like diaphragm pumps to vapour lock.

After evaluating several pump choices from a number of manufacturers, they decided to use the Verderflex VF10 peristaltic hose pump for the job.

The ten pumps will be put to immediate use in this new area of the treatment plant. Each Verderflex VF10 pump is capable of flow rates up to 48 US GPH and at pressures up to 175 PSI. Verderflex pumps can pump both gas and liquid, ensuring the liquid stream receives a consistent dose.

Peristaltic pumps are the perfect pump choice for dosing sodium hypochlorite and Verderflex pumps can be found in wastewater treatment plants worldwide.

The fluid being dosed is kept totally enclosed within the rubber hose which is then compressed by a rotating shoe, forcing the liquid inside along. Upon restitution of the hose the resulting vacuum draws in more liquid. This process is knows as peristalsis and is what makes the peristaltic pump the first choice for liquid metering. Variations in hose type allow for low strength and even high strength hypo dosing.
The wastewater plant needs to run as cost efficiently as possible and the City of Eagan were impressed with the long hose life given by the Verderflex hose and the ease of maintenance when the hose needed to be changed.
"We were really pleased with the installation at the City of Eagan Wastewater Treatment Plant. There were many other pumps considered for this application, but in the end the ease of maintenance, the proven reliability, and the exceptional hose life of Verderflex’s superior design won out. As a result of this installation, a similar project located nearby chose Verderflex for these same reasons and a third customer in the state just recently purchased a new Dura after hearing all of the positive feedback and new features of this design. These pumps have certainly been a success for us in this industry". – Tom Eisemon, National Sales Manager, GPM Pumps (Master Distributor for Verderflex in US).
Because of the pumping process used by peristaltic pumps, the hose is the only part that ever comes onto contact with the fluid being pumped. Not only does this mean that the pump is hygienic and leak free, it also means that there are no moving parts to become clogged or damaged. The only maintenance required is to change the hose, which is done quickly and efficiently, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum, saving costs and increasing profits.


Peristaltic technology replaces submersible pump

Verder Inc., the United States partner of Verderflex peristaltic pumps, were able to use their expertise to overcome persistent problems at a North Carolina water and wastewater treatment plant.
Often overlooked, the reliable peristaltic pump has again proved its worth at Coddle Creek Water Treatment Plant, eliminating the mixed results of a few years previously experienced using a submersible pump dosing Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) from a wet well. After more than three submersible pumps failed in just over a year the maintenance and operations management sought an alternative.
The problem was the location of the pump: in the pump room 8 metres above the bottom of the well and additionally, the pump must also be able to resist the PAC’s abrasive nature. So the plant called on Verder GPM to help find a solution.
Lance LeBrun, Verder Inc.’s Regional Sales Manager for the Carolinas, recognised that the best pump for the job would be a Verderflex peristaltic pump. Peristaltic pumps completely contain the transferred product within a hose or tube. The hose is then compressed and the product pushed along by a rotating rotor. Upon restitution of the hose, the resulting vacuum draws more product in. This simple but highly effective process results in a pump with a high dosing accuracy, a high suction lift and a low cost of maintenance. Because the fluid is completely contained within the reinforced hose there is no possibility of parts clogging, the only wearing part is the long life hose itself, which is quick and easy to change, keeping downtime to a minimum.
Using a flow paced controller, the Verderflex hose pump can transfer and dose variable flows in accordance with the plant’s demand and by their very nature these pumps can gently pump abrasive suspensions such as PAC and lime slurries without any check valves.
Given the flow rate, suction and discharge pressures needed, Verder GPM chose the Verderflex VF15 hose pump with its 15mm diameter natural rubber hose. The VF15 is capable of short term flow rates up to 600 l/hr and continuous flows of 375 l/hr at pressures up to 12 Bar. Use of the high pressure rotor and Verderflex’s unique reinforced hose technology creates excellent suction lift and easily manages the 8 metre lift needed by Coddle Creek.
The Verderflex VF15 pump has been installed for over a year and the plant have now had 3,700 hours running on the same hose without problems.

Dura Hose Pump replaces calcium hypo diaphragm pump

3 x Dura 25 with PP flanges replaced problem vapour locking diaphragm dosing pumps Calcium Hypo diaphragm pumps. Sterilisation of water supply is dependent on Hypochlorite being dosed and this water is then supplied to one of Johannesburg‘s largest informal settlements.

Metering pumps from Verderflex

The Challenge

A leading multi-national electronics company with numerous plants across South Korea has for many years been using Metering pumps for dosing Aluminium Sulphate in their wastewater treatment facilities.

The plant engineers approached the local Verderflex distributor Dong-Il Ent Co Ltd, looking for a solution to the following problems:

  • Inconsistent dosing of Aluminium Sulphate when tank levels were low
  • Unscheduled maintenance periods
  • High maintenance costs

Verderflex Solution

After consultation with the customer and site visits, 8 x Rapide R2S Peristaltic tube pumps were selected to replace the existing Metering pumps. The pumps currently operate at flow rates ranging from 78ml/min to 1080 ml/min with discharge pressures up to 1.5 bar.


The end user now experiences predictable maintenance patterns, whereby the service period has been increased from 600 hrs to 1000 hrs. This has reduced the process downtime that was experienced before with the metering pumps and has brought a significant reduction in the maintenance costs.

Jason Bang, Dong-Il Ent Co Ltd, Sales Manager “the customer is very happy with the simplistic operation & maintenance of the pumps. The ease in which the tube can be changed using the ski-boot clamp of the Rapide R2S, compared to the labour heavy and complicated maintenance of the Metering pumps is just one of the many reasons the end user decided to go for Verderflex Rapide pumps”.

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