What is the MoDoS? The HNP Modular Dosing System for Continuous Flow Chemistry explained.

What is the MoDoS? The HNP Modular Dosing System for Continuous Flow Chemistry explained.

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Tailor made HNP Modular Dosing System for the manufacture of APIs in Flow Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Industries

It is hard to find high pressure, low flow accurate pumps with no pulsation, however this feed skid from HNP hits all these points, making it one of the most unique, precise and technically superior solutions available to pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industries.


We believe that the continuous manufacture of APIs is, right now, permanently changing how the pharmaceutical industry operates, resulting in a paradigm shift with respect to the commercial scale and cost of producing a sophisticated, high-yield product.



 Tailored bespoke Modular Dosing System from HNP for Manufacture of APIs in Ireland 
Since 2016, Irish positive displacement pump specialists, Thomson Process Equipment & Engineering have supplied the HNP Mikrosysteme Modular Dosing System - MoDoS® Feed Skids. These are a tailor-made pump system for continuous production processes. Used in fine chemistry, micro process technology, pharmaceutical production and mini plant technology for accurate delivery of fluids. The technically superior system from HNP offers ultimate precision in micro processes and dosing. Immediately following its introduction in Ireland, one of the country’s leading manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals installed the micro modular dosing system into one of their continuous manufacturing processes.
The client required the HNP Mikrosysteme Modular Dosing System to deliver extremely precise flow with aggressive chemicals. Thomson Process provided the perfect tailored system. The systems can be specified for capacities ranging from 0.003 up to 1152 ml/min, differential pressures up to 80 bar and on liquids with viscosity from 300 to 1,000,000 cP. The liquid temperature range is -20 to 150 °C.
Each MoDoS® modular pump system is fully equipped and ready-to-use and incorporates an HNP Mikrosysteme internal gear pump, filters, sensors (e.g. flow, pressure, temperature), valves, fluid connections and controllers, all housed within a compact and rigid aluminium frame. The open design provides easy access and exchange of all components.
HNP MoDos Modular Dosing System Ireland Thomson Process provide a tailored system
The integral micro-annular gear pumps from HNP Mikrosysteme are chemically inert and designed to handle aggressive and corrosive fluids. The hermetically-sealed pumps with a magnetic drive can be incorporated into the MoDoS dosing unit.
At Thomson Process, we supply a full range of relevant platform infrastructure to suit R&D, Pilot and Full Production. From small lab skids to complete closed loop feed modules with a versatile range of control & automation options.

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