Case Studies

  • Duplex Fuel Transfer Positive Displacement Pump Skid – Viking Pump

    Thomson Process were engaged by the Mechanical Engineers in January 2019 for the development of a fuel pumping system to transfer diesel from storage tanks to day tanks for the power generator in a hyper scale Data Centre facility. There were eight different flow rates designated on the fuel skids which were designed from consultation with the client and from P&ID. We made 8 duplex skids. The motors control by variable speed output from 100L per minute to 800L per minute as required. The Fuel Transfer pump skids are fitted with instrumentation, vibration isolation, thermal overpressure release, relief valves, and return to tank relief valves. There is a flow switch in a sump relief tension. Flow rates largely independent of pressure – just depends on the speed of the pump – this is because we used Positive Displacement Pumps. Each Skid is complete with pipework and stainless-steel baseplate mounts the pumps. We provided the client with full drawings and documentation. The project is made under our ISO9001 certification and all Viking Pump and other products on the skids are certified to the highest quality standards.

  • Anaerobic digestion Biogas Production – Verderflex Dura

    Recovery of waste food and the production of biogas A prestigious brewery based in Norfolk, which produces fine quality real ales has installed an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility for producing biogas to be inputted into the national gas grid. The anaerobic digestion facility is fed with kerbside-collected food waste, food processing waste, supermarket food waste, and brewery waste. The organic matter is entered into a feed inlet at the start of the process where a rotor chopper breaks down the raw material. Verderflex pumps move the chopped slurry from holding tanks and through a heat exchanger to raise the temperature prior to entering the main AD facility. As the hot organic material enters the main AD facility it is dosed reliably and accurately by a Verderflex Dura pump with an inorganic pH buffer to accelerate and maximize the breakdown of the material. The large mass of organic material is ‘churned’ by Verderflex pumps in a plant room connected through a series of pipes to maximize the surface area and further accelerate the AD process and obtain the greatest yield of heat and biogas. The heat is recycled back into the heat exchanger.

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