Thomson Process Viking Pump O-Pro Barrier Seal

O-Pro Seal – The Clean Solution to Pump Packing

How to stop leakage from pump gland packing?

Viking Pump’s O-Pro is the New Cleaner, Healthier and Safer Solution for Applications like Molasses, Bitumen and Isocyanate and a healthier alternative to gland packing in the pump.

The thing about pumping Bitumen, Molasses or Isocyanate, is that the mechanical seal grinds down and wears away over time, making the pump leak.

There are many factors that contribute to premature mechanical seal failures. For example; hard particles in filled Bitumen, crystalised sugar in Molasses, and or Cured particles in Isocyanate due to exposure to air can all affect the seal.

The O-Pro Shaft Seal is better equipped to handle these characteristics without involving the complexity of double seals or barrier liquid feed systems.

The traditional good value method has been to use pump packing and apply the maintenance department’s time to control leakage.

The best solution until now has been a packed shaft seal with Gland Packing.

Gland Pump Packing is the best solution we could offer, and it is a good one, but now Viking Pump have come up with a better, cleaner, and pump-life expanding solution, that has fewer health and safety issues on the factory floor.

Learn more in this video about the O-Pro Barrier Seal


The O-Pro Barrier Seal is a grease-filled O-Ring type machined seal gland. The O-Pro Seal replaces bushing and packing or mechanical seal.

Reasons why Thomson Process specifies the O-Pro Barrier Seal to our customers:

  • This is a cleaner solution, as pump packing can cause mess over time through tiny leakages in the shaft.
  • There is no need for constant maintenance/adjustment of the shaft seal.
  • It is more cost-effective to service the pump.
  • As there is no continual leakage, there are no subsequent Health and Safety Issues.


Applications that need to use the O-Pro Barrier Seal for a cleaner, healthier pumping system.

Applications using the O-Pro Barrier Seal:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Molasses
  3. Peanut Butter
  4. Bitumen
  5. Asphalt
  6. Isocyanate
  7. Paints
  8. Adhesives

Pumps that use the O-Pro Barrier Seal

The Packing or the Seal or shaft bushing can be taken out of the Viking Universal Pump 124A and can replace it with the O-Pro Barrier Seal

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