Boerger Multicrusher

Max Capacity: 320 m³/h

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Boerger Multicrusher

The Multicrusher is an effective, universal chopping unit for use with liquids containing solids.

The basic design of the twin-shaft chopper is based on the proven Börger Rotary Lobe Pump. With the wide spectrum of 5 series (throughput volumes up to 320 m³/h / 1,400 usgpm/h), a large selection of equipment and additional parts, the Multicrusher is the ideal solution for just about any application.

The Multicrusher reliably chops coarse material such as fibers, wood pieces, plastics, membranes, textiles and many more and ensures that downstream machines and pumps operate smoothly. The Multicrusher homogenizes the medium thereby facilitating the pumping process.

Benefits of the Börger Multicrusher

Different rotation speeds of the shafts and blades achieve optimum cutting and self-cleaning results.

Thanks to the range of different sizes, variable blade configurations and optimum rated speeds, the machine can be adapted to handle almost any application.

The Börger Multicrusher can handle various materials, including corrosive liquids and can also be used with sea water. So the design completely meets the specific requirements of the application.

Whether it is a stand-alone machine or connected to a pump, a submersible model or a mobile unit, the Boerger Multicrusher is as individual as your requirements.


Operating Principle of the Boerger Multicrusher

The Multicrusher is a chopping unit with a powerful intake function.

The twin-shaft chopper was designed using the principle of the rotary lobe pump.

Instead of the rotating lobes, this machine has interconnecting cutting blades set on the hexagonal carrier shaft and is attached with a central bolt. The different rotation speeds and blade configurations ensure excellent chopping yields. The benefits of MIP are proven once again with the quick-release cover.


Rated capacity volume up to 320 m³/h (1,400 usgpm/h)

Can be installed on suction or pressure side


The components and technical design


1 Quick-release cover The cover to the interior of the Multicrusher allows quick access to all wetted parts.
2 Axial casing protection The medium flows through the interior of the casing and is fitted with an axial protective cover.
3 Blades The Multicrusher is designed so that you can choose which way the pumped medium flows by inserting the individual blade disks and defining the direction of rotation of the shafts. Various blade widths and cutting profiles determine the final cutting yield. The central fastening screws hold all the blade disks in position.
4 Shaft seals Simply ideal. The space here allows the proven mechanical seal to be fitted without having to fully dismantle other components. No pipe line dismantling, no drive dismantling.
5 Block casing The casing is a single-piece block casing made of gray cast iron or stainless steel.
6 Quench and control chamber Added control and lubrication fluid have both a monitoring and lubricating function. Leakages in the upper overflow area indicate any unwanted seal defects in the upper overflow area. This ensures that contaminated liquid cannot penetrate the gear unit.
7 Carrier and reducer gear This is a very solid design. Extra large gears and bearings guarantee the overhung bearing system runs smoothly for a long time.



The ATEX Directive 94/9/EC defines the prescribed technical requirements for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in Europe. All Boerger Multicrushers can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the ATEX Directive.

Air Pollution Control Act

The technical guideline for air quality control is the German government's “first general administrative regulation under the federal air pollution control act”.

The Multicrusher can be built to be used for lawfully handling toxic and highly toxic media in accordance with the Air Pollution Control Act.


Blade configuration

9 different blade options.

The degree to which the Boerger Multicrusher cuts is determined by the choice of blade configuration, the teeth profile, the blade width and the speed of rotation.

Currently, a choice of 9 different blade configurations can be selected depending on the application. The variable rotation speed of the shaft creates a tearing/cutting action. The use of hardened steel ensures the blades stay sharp longer.

Materials Available

Lists of materials available for Börger Multicrushers

The carrier and reducer gears of the Börger Multicrusher are protected and safely separated from the chopping chamber by the quench-filled intermediate chamber.

The high-strength shafts do not come into contact with the pumped medium in Börger Multicrushers. The wide range of materials available allows optimum adjustment to individual needs.

Selection of materials available


Blades from surgical stainless steel 1.7218

Blades from chrome steel 1.2379, resistant to corrosion
Cast iron with spheroidal graphite, resistant to wear and extremely anti-corrosion
Stainless steel with high resistance to acid
Shaft Seals
Mechanical seals for abrasive and corrosive loads, from:
Single-piece with secondary seals made from any standard elastomer
SiSiC (silicon carbide) with secondary seals made of any standard elastomer
Specific shaft seals for special applications
Examples: Packing with optional lantern ring
Multi-seal gaskets made of elastomer and/or plastic
Double-acting mechanical seals

Case Studies



Whether you integrate the Multicrusher in a pump system or use it as a separate unit – its versatility is unrivaled! Quick access to the blade configurations means blades can be selected according to the situation and therefore provide variable cutting quality. The particle size required is defined by the choice of all the different blade configurations, teeth profiles and blade widths.

The Multicrusher was based on the design of the Börger Rotary Lobe Pump. Therefore you have the same variety of seals to choose from as the Börger Rotary Lobe Pump. Börger Multicrushers are customized for all types of applications.

The industries and applications listed here are just a sampling of the diversity of Börger Multicrushers.


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