Chemically Resistant PTFE Compensators

Temperature Range: 316°C

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Chemically Resistant PTFE Compensators

Chemically resistant Fabric Compensators 100% PTFE material for challenging applications. 

Bespoke, tailor-made, chemically resistant, flexible fabric expansion joints 

100% PTFE expansion joint material designed for the most challenging applications in the industry. These expansion joints are made from materials with unique multidirectional strength and stress-crack resistance, CrossFilm is a self-supporting material. Reinforcements, which are susceptible to chemical attack, are not needed. Our expansion joints also have tremendous flexing capability, easily outlasting fiberglass-reinforced materials and other PTFE products in high flex applications.

Thomson Process are specialists in the manipulation of fabrics and Multi-Lyaer Seal joints can be made to almost any configuration, for example, square, circular, rectangular, D-shaped and tapered (to fit two different sized ducts). 
Thomson Process also manufacture fabric expansion joints in roll form to any practical length and in any width. They can then be held in store enabling the joints to be installed quickly and economically. 
Our manufacturing facility can design and fabricate to individual requirements and give an immediate response for any emergency encountered by our customers. 





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