Fabric Compensator

Temperature Range: 316°C



Expansion Joints – Normal Duty Compensators – Tear resistant Fabric Compensator 100% PTFE material LFP Corrosion Liner 

The fabric compensators are made from carefully selected materials that contain laminated load-bearing liner and 100% PTFE material capable of resisting the stress cracking caused by flexing and severe temperature fluxuation in expansion joint applications. The multi-directional strength and durability of LFP allows it to function as a thick, PTFE barrier for corrosive chmeicals while maintaining a crack free and flexible surface. 

Resistant to chemical attack.  The PTFE material is proven in lab and industrial processes to retain all its physical properties. Thomson Process have fitted expansion joints in demanding environments and the expansion joints have remained unchanged for 20 years. 


100% PTFE Material 

Max Temperature:  316°C




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