FLSmidth Krebs millMAX-e High Efficiency Slurry Pump


FLSmidth Krebs millMAX-e High Efficiency Slurry Pump

millMAX-e™ High efficiency slurry pump for abrasive slurry

The millMAX-e™ pump is highest efficiency slurry pump in its' class. Saves power, saves money thus minimizing total cost of ownership. The extremely efficient design also allows for high speed applications.

One Piece Power Frame:

The millMAX-e design incorporates an integrated power frame and bearing assembly, eliminating the need to adjust the impeller within the casing.
Locks in the designed impeller clearances
Decreases the total weight of the frame reducing costs
Uses the same shaft and bearings as the standard millMAX bearing assemblies
Able to handle high speed applications

Pump Sealing Options

Water Flush
Centrifugal (expeller)
driMAX mechanical 
Adjustment Screw Lock Nut
The new design compresses the wear ring carrier to provide a seal to atmosphere and lock the jacking screw in place.  This new design allows the user to make adjustments while pump is in operation.





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