FLSmidth Krebs millMax UMD Ultimate Mill Discharge


FLSmidth Krebs millMax UMD Ultimate Mill Discharge

The UMD™ is the most advanced heavy-duty slurry pump for mill discharge applications. The UMD™ slurry pump is perfect for Oil Sands processes, tailings, hydrotransport, cyclone feed, thickener underflow, and flotation.

The Krebs® UMDTM pump is a newly designed HEAVY DUTY slurry pump focused on maximizing wear life while still maintaining the highest efficiency.

millMAX UMD™ High-Pressure models are also available for multistage applications
High Chrome and Rubber Suction and Back Liners are available
The millMAX UMD™ includes a wide range of pump sizes that can handle flows from 1,900 to 15,000 cubic meters an hour (8,500-65,000GPM).

Ideal for applications in: 

  • Mill Discharge
  • Oil Sands
  • High Flow Applications
  • Other Highly Abrasive Applications
  • Oil Sands Hydrotransport (hydro-transport)





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