Fluidic Seal Module


HNP Mikrosysteme Fluidic Seal Module used with HNPM Mzr Micro Annular Gear Pumps in the delivery of media that are sensitive to contact with air or moisture. 

The HNPM Fluidic Seal Module is for use with liquids which tend to react or crystalise in contact with gases such as Oxygen or Water Vapour. It is recommended to discuss the use of the Fluidic Seal Module.

The HNP Mikrosysteme Fluidic seal module enables the pumping system to deliver liquids sensitive to contact with air or moisture. The module can be applied to liquids which tend to react or crystallize in contact with gases such as oxygen or water vapor. 
The HNP Mikrosysteme fluidic seal module prevents both the liquid from leaking out of the shaft seal area and the surrounding gases and moisture from penetrating into the pump. A fluid chamber is formed between the shaft sealing of the pump and an additional sealing. This fluid chamber is filled with a sealing liquid which assures the sealing function. The sealing liquid has to be compatible with the delivered liquid and should be individually selected for each application. By this measure contact with air or moisture can be avoided. 





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