High Temp Compensators

Temperature Range: max 538°C

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High Temperature Compensators – for temperatures of up to 1000 degrees fahrenheit (528°C)

High temperature joints used to vibration and movement in duct work.

Thomson Process make these high temperature compensators from the best quality Thermalam – a high temperature expansion joint material designed for applications requiring an upper use continous temperature of 528°C. A non woven insulation mat is laminated which gives strength and resiliency from the load bearing perfluoroplastic composite. The added integrity extends the life of the insulation and helps prevent Hot Spots from forming on the belt.


We make these multi layered seal expansion joints to fit any size required.


Thomson Process manufacture Multi-Layer Seal type expansion joints to cater for temperatures up to a maximum of 1000°F. A number of different types are available depending on application, temperature and gas composition. 


Thomson Process are specialists in the manipulation of fabrics and Multi-Layer Seal joints can be made to almost any configuration, for example, square, circular, rectangular, D-shaped and tapered (to fit two different sized ducts). 

Thomson Process also manufacture fabric expansion joints in roll form to any practical length and in any width. They can then be held in store enabling the joints to be installed quickly and economically. 




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