HNPM MoDoS® Feed Skids

Max Capacity: 0.003 to 1152 ml/min

Max Pressure: 80 bar

Max Viscosity: 1,000 cP

Temperature Range: -20 … +150 °C

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HNPM MoDoS® Feed Skids: Precision in Flow Chemistry

Innovative Overview The HNPM MoDoS® Feed Skids, crafted by HNP Mikrosysteme, represent a significant advancement in modular dosing systems. Specifically engineered for continuous delivery, they excel in fine chemical and pharmaceutical production. These systems are not mere pumps; they are comprehensive solutions integrating a modular component system for custom pump module development.

Core Features of MoDoS®

Ready for Immediate Use The MoDoS® system comes fully equipped and assembled, encased in a durable frame. This ensures it’s ready for action upon arrival, with guaranteed structural integrity.

Modularity and Customization Each unit is uniquely equipped with essential components: micro annular gear pump filters, sensors for flow, pressure, temperature, valves, and fluid connections. This design offers unmatched customization and adaptability.

Chemical Resistance and Stability With materials ranging from stainless steel to ceramics and optional titanium, the system stands out for its chemical resistance. It provides high process stability, managing both mass and volume flow through micro annular gear pumps.

Sophisticated Control System Featuring an integrated local controller, the MoDoS® is versatile. It operates independently or integrates seamlessly into external process control systems.

Detailed Technical Specifications

Diverse Applications Ideal for micro process technology, fine chemistry, and the pharmaceutical industry, the MoDoS® adapts to various industrial needs.

Comprehensive Component Range It includes micro annular gear pumps, filters, mass flow controllers, and fluid connections. The system supports a wide temperature range and accommodates a broad viscosity spectrum.

Optimal Performance Capabilities These pumps handle volume flows from 0.003 to 1152 ml/min at pressures up to 80 bar, meeting diverse process requirements efficiently.

Revolutionizing Flow Chemistry

Designed for Modern Challenges The MoDoS® system opens new doors in reaction processes, allowing operations in previously inaccessible process windows. Consequently, it achieves unique temperature, pressure, and mixing ratios unattainable in traditional batch methods.

Complexity Simplified It addresses increased complexity in process and unit operations with technologically advanced components. This ensures well-managed material flows and effective power management, crucial for modern chemistry challenges.



  • Micro process technology
  • Fine chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mini plant technology


  • Ready-to-use unit
  • fully equipped and assembled system in a rigid framework
  • Modular system of components
  • individually equipped with micro annular gear pump, filters, sensors (e.g. flow, pressure, temperature) valves, fluid connections
  • Chemical resistant materials
  • material combinations from stainless steel / hard metal to alloy C22 / ceramics, optional titanium
  • High process stability
  • mass or volume flow controlled micro annular gear pumps
  • Standard fluidic interfaces
  • screw-in fittings or aseptic µ-Clamp
  • Local controller
  • integrated controller allows stand-alone mode as well as inte-gration into external process control systems
  • Open design
  • easy access and exchange of all components

Components of the HNP Mikrosysteme MoDoS

 micro annular gear pumps of hermetic inert and high performance series for volume flows from 0.003 to 1152 ml/min at differential pressures up to 80 bar *
Filters Filters in stainless steel, alloy C22, PTFE or glass *
Mass flow controllers measurement principal Coriolis, thermic, ultra sonic *
Fluid connections 1/4″–28 UNF, 1/8″ NPT, 3/8″ NPT *
Liquid temperature range  -20 … +150 °C*
Viscosity range 0.3 to 1,000cP
Wetted parts material combinations
 stainless steel / hard metal, alloy C22 / ceramics, optional titanium *
Power supply 24 V DC, 240 V AC, 400 V AC *
Display mass flow *
Controller and interfaces
mass flow control with precision potentiometer, 0–10 V, 0(4)-20 mA, RS-232, CAN-Bus *


* depending on the components selected




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