HNPM mzr-11507 Ex

Max Capacity: 1152 ml/min

Max Pressure: 80 bar

Max Viscosity: 5000 mPas

Temperature Range: -20 to +100 °C 

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Atex Area Micro Annular Gear Pump HNPM mzr-11507 Ex by HNP Mikrosysteme for use in chemical processing, industrial and plant engineering, dispensing of adhesives, pharmaceutical lab processes, packaging, vacuum applications. 

HNP Mikrosyteme High Dosing Precision, Long Life and Wear Resistant Micro Annular Gear Pump mzr-11507 Ex for low volume dosage of non-lubricating liquids of large range of viscosties, pumping water, solvents, grease, gel, adhesives and more.

HNP Mikrosysteme mzr-11507 Ex is made with hard construction material and equipped with tungsten carbide rotors and bearings. Driven by a explosion-proof three-phase AC-motor the pump has a compact design and covers the flow range from 58 ml/min to 1152 ml/min.

The HNP Mikrosysteme mzr-11507 Ex is suitable for continuous delivery of low and high viscosity liquids. It achieves high differential pressures and provides a low pulsation flow. Its robustness and the available accessories make it suitable for challenging applications in chemical and process technology.

Advantages of the HNP Mikrosysteme mzr-11507 Ex Series 

  • Ex-certification ATEX – conform with EU directive 94/9/EEC
  • High dosage precision – precision CV < 1 % at low volumes
  • Long service life – wear-resistant tungsten carbide
  • Broad viscosity range – water, solvents, adhesives, grease, gel
  • Compact dimensions – length 358 mm
  • High differential pressures – achievable also for low viscosity liquids
  • Low pulsation delivery, low shear stress – rotary micro annular gear technology


Technical Data of the HNP Mikrosysteme mzr-11507 Ex Atex Series Pump. 

Ambient temperature range

-20 … +40 °C (-55 … +60 °C *)

Flow rate

58 – 1152 ml/min (29 – 576 ml/min *)

Viscosity range

0.3 – 5,000 mPas (10,000 mPas *)

Precision CV

< 1 % (Coefficient of variation CV)

Velocity range

300 – 6000 rpm (150 – 3000 rpm *)

Fluid connection

3/8" NPT internal thread, lateral optional 3/8" NPT internal thread, frontal

Wetted parts

stainless steel 316L (1.4435), tungsten carbide Ni-based; shaft seal: graphite-reinforced PTFE, alloy C276 (2.4819); static seals: FPM, optional: EPDM, FFPM


three-phase AC motor, IEC-Size 063, 2 poles, IP 55, rated voltage 240/400 V, frequency 50 Hz, 250 W

Dimensions (L x W x H)

358 x 120 x 224 mm


approx. 22 kg

Temperature protection

PTC-resistor, 6 pieces


CE II 2G c T4 X

Place of installation

Ex area zone 1, 2

Differential pressure range

0 – 80 bar (1,160 psi)

Maximum inlet pressure

10 bar

Operating temperature range

-5 … +40 °C (-20 … +120 °C *)

Displacement volume

192 µl

Smallest dosage volume

100 µl


* depending on accessories,
Customized solutions on request

Even if single parameters are within the indicated performance range of technical data, certain parameter combinations may not be achievable. Single parameters may exceed their indicated performance range under adequate circumstances. For detailed evaluation please contact HNP Mikrosysteme Irish Agent, Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering. Actual performance may vary.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Applications of the HNP Mikrosysteme mzr-11507 Ex Atex Micro Annular Gear Pump.

  • Chemical processing
  • Industrial and plant engineering
  • Packaging
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Mini plant technology
  • Spray technology
  • Dispensing of adhesives
  • Ink and paint dosage
  • Vacuum applications


Atex Area Micro Annular Gear Pump HNPM mzr-11507 Ex Accessories by HNP Mikrosysteme.

Heat insulation module

thermal insulation of pump head and drive for high performance and hermetic inert pump series, 

also available in ATEX

Double shell heating module

double shell for active heating or cooling of pump heads from the high performance and hermetic inert series,

thermal insulation of pump head and drive,

prevents temperature drop of liquid


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