HNPM mzr-7259 Ex

Max Capacity: 225 ml/min

Max Pressure: 40 bar

Max Viscosity: 100 mPas

Temperature Range: -20 to +100 °C 

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Explosion Proof, Atex Area, Micro Annular Gear Pump HNPM mzr-7259 Ex is Hermetic Inert Pump by HNP Mikrosysteme for use in chemical and process technology at Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering.

HNPM Atex Pump Ex Series HNPM mzr-7259 Ex Micro Annular Gear Pump offers Precision Dosing, Low Pulsation Small Volume Dosage at High Pressure for broad viscosity range of liquids including watery solutions, solvents, oil and gels. For pumping even corrosive and aggressive liquids. 

HNP Mikrosysteme micro annular gear pump HNPM mzr-6359 Ex covers the flow range 0.048 – 225 ml/min. The highly precise, pulseless small volume dosage even of non-lubricating liquids or at high pressure, the compact design of this Ex-pump, the broad viscosity range and the small measurements are unique features of this pump series. 

The HNP Mikrosysteme  micro annular gear pump mzr-7259 Ex of the hermetic inert pump series in its explosion proof version is used for highly precise, pulseless small volume dosage even of aggressive and corrosive liquids. The compact design combined with high achievable pressures are unique features. The pump is applied in the field of chemical and process technology. Thanks to the use of rotors and functional elements being made of ceramics, a magnetic coupling, and case components made out of alloy C22, this pump will take up any challenge in the chemical industry applications.

Advantages of the HNPM mzr-7259 Ex Hermetic Inert Pump. 

  • Ex-certification ATEX -conform with EU Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Compact, chemically inert -length 280 mm, alloy C22, SSiC, Al2O3 and ZrO2-ceramics
  • Long service life -wear-resistant ceramic components
  • Hermetically sealed -magnetic coupling (NdFeB)
  • High dosage precision -precision CV < 1 % at low volumes
  • Low pulsation delivery, low shear stress -rotary micro annular gear technology, no valves





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