HNPM S-ND Programmable Controller for discrete and continuous delivery

Windows compatible dosing controller that is capable of saving dosing information to memory.

The controller S-ND is recommended for programmable, precise control of discrete dosage and continuous delivery tasks in combination with pumps mzr-2521, mzr-2921, mzr-4622, mzr-2542 and mzr-2942. The 16-bit microcontroller allows speed and position control for highly accurate dosage. The compact design on a PCB enables flexible installation. Process control link can be established via a RS-232 interface. Motor speed or  flow rate can be set either by an analog input (0 10 V) or a potentiometer mounted on the PCB. There are three digital inputs, one of them is equipped with a switch. Programs for dosage can be saved in the memory.

Advantages of HNP S-ND Programmable controller for micro annualar gear pumps. 

  • High quality pump controller for continuous and discrete delivery

  • Powerful 16-bit microcontroller

  • Programming of controller

  • Windows®-based software »Motion Manager«

  • Potentiometer for speed set

  • Analog input 0-10 V

  • 3 digital inputs, 1 input is equipped with a switch

  • 1 digital output, optionally programmable as input

  • Two colored LED status indicator

  • EEPROM memory

  • RS-232 interface





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