Krebs Close Packed Cyclones – Desander


Krebs Close Packed Cyclones – Desander

Krebs Close Packed Cyclones
Krebs Close Packed Cyclones are compact, high capacity, centrifugal separators designed to efficiently separate fine solid particles from a liquid. Degritting and Desanding in Industrial Applications include: Parts and Metal cleaning, Automotive Pre-treat, Remove Weld balls, Eductor Spray Process, Phosphate Tank, Remove Sludge, Flume Water and Metal Coolant, and many more applications.
Close Packed gMAX® cyclone (Vessels) for a Solid/Liquid Separation know as Desanding
Krebs Close Packed Cyclones are ideal for the removal of fine solids in the chemical, power and petroleum industries, as well as in the food, steel and automotive and machining industries. They separate a solid from a liquid.
Extremely compact size as compared to an external manifold system configuration.
Variety of materials of construction.
Ability to be ASME code stamped for high temperature and pressure.
Use of “blanks”, which allows for operational flexibility where flow rates may change from the original design conditions.
Continuous or intermittent solids discharge.
View our NEW Krebs gMAX Cyclone Vessel video designed for Automotive Pre-Treatment and similar applications where removal of phosphate sludge, weld balls, or degritting and desanding fine particles from a cleaning application.
Solid / Liquid Separating: Desanders
The Close Packed gMAX Cyclone vessels utilize our latest gMAX separation technology, which produces finer and sharper separations that maximizes the solids recovery in the finer size fractions. Close packed vessels can be designed for any number of cyclones and are available for our 1”, 2” and 3” diameter cyclones. Our vessels can be outfitted with stainless steel or a variety of ceramic cyclones for high abrasion resistance.
Krebs gMAX cyclone vessels concentrate solids in liquid suspension or classify solids at a desired particle size. They produce a continuous overflow stream containing the fine solids and a continuous underflow stream containing the coarse solids.
NEWEST Krebs gMAX Vessel the OM2 Design: (shown below right)
Same World Class gMAX Separation Technology + Optimal Maintenance Design for easy, fast and safe removal, replacement and cleaning 100% of the vessel.  Image below shows exterior vessel as translucent so you can view the center cyclone cartridge.  All systems are made from stainless steel or other alloys.
Delayed Coker Units
Krebs cyclones are used to remove coke fines from cutting water in delayed coking systems. By removing the coke fines the high pressure pumps, valves and nozzles are protected from wear and their life is greatly extended. Removing the solids before the cut water tank extends the time between cleaning the tank out.




download the power industrial and water treatment brochure for flsmidth krebs gmax hydrocyclone

Power, Industrial and Water Treatment Brochure


Krebs Hydrocyclones for Automotive Applications Brochure

Krebs Cyclones for Chemical Applications Brochure




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