Pharma Grade Pump Assemblies


Pharma Grade Pumping Systems for all Pharmaceutical processes. 

We make complete, ready-to-use pumping skids that can be installed with ease and ready to run quickly. We can supply the inlet, filter, pump, sensor and outlet for any configuration needed, from the most delicate hygenic process to larger manufacture. 

Thomson Process provide high quality pump assemblies and dosing skids for all pharmaceutical processes ranging from modular dosing in the manufacture of APIs to large processes pumping protein buffer. We provide ATEX pumps, PTFE , Metallic, Non Metalic, Rubber, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nitrile, Viton and Calres. 


We cater for small flow rates like those pumped by the HNP Mikrosysteme pumps or heavy flow rates using a large Sterilobe pump, and everything in between. 





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