HNP Mikrosysteme Terminal box S-G05 controller The terminal box allows control of the pump with a potentiometer. 

The terminal box S-G05 is easy to handle and at the same time versatile applicable accessory for micro annular gear pumps. The terminal box allows control of the pump with a potentiometer. As an alternative the pump can be remotely controlled with an external analog voltage signal 0–10 V, an external current signal (0–20 mA or 4–20 mA) or with a RS-232 interface. To set all operating parameters including calibration, ramp, step, speed, dispense/pause times and flow direction an adapted software with a serial interface RS-232 is delivered. The CE conform installation includes an EMC module. The terminal box and micro annular gear pump can be provided optionally with an external 24 V DC power supply.


  • For connection of micro annular gear pumps
  • mzr-2505/2905/4605/7205, mzr-7245, mzr-6355/7255, mzr-2965/4665
  • Compact plastic case
  • Easy handling
  • potentiometer, standard connectors
  • Standard interface
  • 0-10 V, 0(4)-20 mA
  • Serial interface RS-232
  • Two-colored LED status indicator
  • 24 V power supply over screw terminal or DIN socket
  • Integrated EMC module


Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 100 x 92 x 35 mm
Output »Fault Out« open collector max. UB / 20 mA
no error: high-level
Status LED Ready: green
Fault: red
Speed value-input »Analog Extern« internal potentiometer 10 kΩ
voltage signal 0…10 V
current signal 0…20 mA or 4…20 mA
optionally adjustable with DIP-switches
Weight approx. 125 g
Voltage plug terminal, 8-pole and DIN 45323 socket
Serial interface RS-232, SUB-D plug, 9-pole
Protection class IP 20
Supply voltage 24 V DC (12 - 28 V)
Pump connector plug connector, 8-pole
Operating temperature range 0 ... 50 °C
Remark subject to technical changes