HNPM mzr-7208X1

  • Max. Capacity 288 ml/min

  • Max. Pressure 120 bar

  • Max. Viscosity 1,000,000 mPas

  • Temperature Range -20 to +150 °C

HNPM mzr-7208X1

HNPM mzr-7208X1 Annular Gear Pump

The micro annular gear pump mzr-7208X1 covers the flow rate range 0.048-288 ml/min. To the main assets of the device belong high precision, low pulsation, low volume dosage even of non-lubricating liquids or at high pressures. Driven by a high-power DC-servomotor the pump allows dosage in a broad viscosity range and shows small, economic dimensions. The mzr-7208X1 targets applications in industrial production and process technology. 
The pump has been designed for continuous delivery and discrete dosage of water, watery solutions, solvents, methanol, oil, lubricants, adhesives, inks and paints as well as other high viscosity liquids.

Advantages of the Micro Annular Gear Pump

  • High dosage precision
  • precision CV < 1% at low volumes
  • High differential pressures
  • achievable even for low viscosity liquids
  • Long service life
  • wear-resistant tungsten carbide
  • Broad viscosity range
  • methanol, water, solvents, adhesives, grease, gel
  • Compact measurements
  • length 211 mm
  • Dynamic precision motor
  • brushless DC-motor with encoder
  • Low pulsation delivery, low shear stress
  • rotary micro annular gear technology
  • Applications using Micro Annular Gear Pumps 

  • Chemical processing
  • Industrial and plant engineering
  • Packaging
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Mini plant technology
  • Spraying
  • Dispensing of adhesives
  • Ink and paint dosage
  • Vacuum applications


Flow rate 0.048 – 288 ml/min
Viscosity range 0.3 – 50,000 mPas (max. 1,000,000 mPas)
Precision CV < 1 % (Coefficient of variation CV)
Velocity range 1 – 6000 rpm
Fluid connection 1/8" NPT internal thread, lateral optional: 1/8" NPT internal thread, frontal
Wetted parts stainless steel 316L (1.4404, 1.4435), tungsten carbide Ni-based; shaft seal: graphite-reinforced PTFE, 316L static seals: FPM, optional: EPDM, FFPM
Motor brushless DC-servomotor, IP 54, winding 36 V DC, output power 201 W, max. continuous torque 192 mNm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 211 x 84 x 93 mm
Weight approx. 1500 g
Encoder 1000 counts per turn, analog hall sensors
Differential pressure range 0 – 30 bar (1 mPas); 0 – 120 bar (above 16 mPas)
Maximum inlet pressure 5 bar (73 psi), (10 – 40 bar (580 psi) *)
Operating temperature range -5 ... +60 °C (-20 ... +150 °C *)
Displacement volume 48 µl
Smallest dosage volume 30 µl
Remark * depending on accessories,
Customized solutions on request


Available Accessories for the Micro Annular Gear Pump 


Programmable controller S-BL

for pumps with brushless DC-motor,
programmable controller for continuous and discrete dosing

Heat insulation module

thermal insulation of pump head and drive for high performance and hermetic inert pump series, 
also available in ATEX

Fluidic seal module

additional sealing system for handling liquids sensitive to air or moisture and for vacuum applications of pumps from the high performance series

Electrical heating module

additional electrical heating for pump heads from the high performance and hermetic inert series with frontal fluid connection,
thermal insulation of pump head and drive,
prevents temperature drop of liquid

Double shell heating module

double shell for active heating or cooling of pump heads from the high performance and hermetic inert series,
thermal insulation of pump head and drive,
prevents temperature drop of liquid