Electrical Heating Module

Electrical Heating Module

HNP Mikrosysteme Electrical heating module for Active heating of the mzr micro annular gear pump head.

The HNPM Electrical Heating Module is compatible with HNP mzr Micro Annular Gear Pumps. The Motor is protected from overheating by a Heat Insulation Module. 

The HNP Mikrosysteme electrical heating module enables active heating of the pump head. The max. temperature depends on the pump head's material combination. The motor is protected from overheating by a heat insulation module. The electrical heating module comprises a heating jacket covering the pump head and a thermal element which is mounted directly in the pump head. A temperature control unit should be used in order to control the temperature of the pump head.



Temperature control unit

for micro annular gear pumps with heating module for adjusting the pump head temperature