Wright Flow Technologies Concept SQ

  • Max. Pressure 15 bar

  • Temperature Range to 150°C

Wright Flow Technologies Concept SQ

Wright Flow Technologies Concept SQ Hygienic Rotary Lobe Positive Displacement Pump 

'The Cleanest Pump Ever Built'

Pressure to 15 BAR
Temperature to 150°C

Hygienic Pump ideally suited for critical hygiene applications

  • Simple maintenance with minimum downtime
  • Maximum process control & assured operator/environmental safety
  • The benchmark for ultra-hygienic CIP (clean in place) & SIP (sterilize in place)
  • Uniquely crafted multi-lobe rotors reduce pulsation & ensure gentle product handling
Ultra hygienic, ultra gentle product handling. The Concept SQ was designed by a team that envisioned a level of cleanliness only a handful of pumps may ever achieve. At its launch, it was deemed to be the cleanest pump ever built.