Verderflex VP-Pro PH/RX

  • Max. Capacity 6 ml/min

  • Max. Pressure 1 Bar

  • Temperature Range Max. temperature 85 °C

Verderflex VP-Pro PH/RX

Verderflex VP-PRO PH/RX Advanced digital proportional dosing pump system with an LCD display suitable for pH/Redox control. Available from from Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering in Ireland.

Verderflex VP peristaltic tube pumps are compact pumps ideal for precision dosing of chemicals; offering models with integrated functions such as timer, pH control or Redox control. The system is self priming, with an innovative stable flow control to maximise tube life.Common application areas are in the chemical industry, medical industry, laboratory and analysis, swimming pools, cleaning & hygiene.


Max. flow 6 ml/min
Max. discharge pressure 1 bar
Max. temperature 85 °C
Max. particle size 9,3 mm
Speed 10-40 rpm
Roller Delrin