Verderflex Rollit Single Hose 25 P

  • Max. Capacity 2500 l/hr

  • Max. Pressure 4 bar

Verderflex Rollit Single Hose 25 P

The Verderflex Rollit 25 P is the high pressure version of the Rollit series of liquid-lubrication-free hose pumps, designed for applications in the chemical, food, pharma, environmental and many other industries.Verderflex Rollit & Rollit Hygienic Pumps Lubricant - Free Peristaltic Roller Hose Pumps from Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering in Ireland 

The Verderflex ROLLIT and ROLLIT Hygenic Peristaltic Roller Hose Pumps are a new series of peristaltic roller hose pump, completing the Verderflex range of hose and tube pumps. Verderflex ROLLIT pumps are lubricant-free peristaltic hose pumps that are easy to maintain and available in a standard (single) and twinhead version.

The Verderflex ROLLIT key features are: • Flow rates up to 24500 l/h • Pressures up to 4 bar • Power supply up to 4 kW • Max rotation speed 165 rpm • Max dry suction lift 8 mwc

Verderlflex Rollit Peristaltic hose pumps are Simple, clean, fast and flexible.
The Verderflex Rollit Series of pumps are a lubricant bath free peristaltic pump is great for nearly all applications - especially if you need a quick hose change. The innovative hose clamping shorten hose changes to minutes for fast job changeovers. 


Maximum flow rate

2500 l/hr

Maximum speed

165 RPM

Maximum discharge pressure

4 bar

Maximum suction lift

8 mWc

Maximum temperature of medium

80°C *

Maximum motor power

0.55 KW

Maximum Solids Content

6.25mm compressible
2.5mm smooth incompressible

Nominal hose diameter

27 mm

Hose options

Natural Rubber (NR)


* 60°C continuous use, 80°C intermittent use