Viking 497 Compact Motor Speed Pump

  • Max. Capacity 17 m³h

  • Max. Pressure 14 Bar

  • Max. Viscosity 5,500

  • Temperature Range -20 to +175°C

Viking 497 Compact Motor Speed Pump

Viking 497 Compact Motor Speed Stainless Steel Pump ideal for Pumping Corrosive Liquids.

Viking Pump Internal Pump series 497 Stainless Steel Compact Motor Speed Pump offer high flow rates at motor speed. 

Viking’s Motor Speed Product Line internal gear pumps offer igher speeds mean greater value, with the ability to move more fluid with a smaller pump. It also enables close-coupling to a motor or gearmotor, which eliminates shaft misalignment and results in longer seal and bearing life by preventing wear due to misalignment.
The largest size (QS)
operates at reduced speeds, but still faster than other pumps
of similar displacement.