Viking 895 Mag-drive Motor Speed Pump

  • Max. Capacity 17 m³h

  • Max. Pressure 8.5 Bar

  • Max. Viscosity 55,000 cSt

  • Temperature Range -50 to +260 °C

Viking 895 Mag-drive Motor Speed Pump

Viking 895 Cast Iron Mag-drive Motor Speed Pump

Positive Displacement Pump for Pumping Foams and Isocyanate Insulation Pumping or any other slow speed corrosive viscous liquid

The self-priming positive-displacement pumping principle provides low-shear, non-pulsing flow. Internal gear pumps are available in stainless steel, steel, and cast iron construction.

895 Series pumps are designed to provide positive displacement pumping capability in those situations that require the highest assurance of liquid containment. These mag drive pumps provide for the safe, trouble-free transfer of hazardous, EPA-regulated fluids without electronic monitoring as required with mechanical face-type shaft seals. Hard-to-seal liquids are also easily handled with the Viking Mag Drive which eliminates the cost of mechanical seal replacement and repair. A variety of coupling sizes are available for flow requirements to 75 GPM. The torque carrying ability of high-strength magnets allows pumps to be coupled with gear reducers for slow-speed handling of viscous liquids.