Viking 75 Motor Mounted General Purpose Pump

  • Max. Capacity 1.5 m3/h

  • Max. Pressure 3 bar

  • Max. Viscosity 550 cSt

  • Temperature Range -25 - 105 oC

Viking 75 Motor Mounted General Purpose Pump

Viking 75 Motor Mounted General Purpose Pump is a Lighter, More Compact and Easier to Mount Pump which saves space.

Viking 75 Series Close-Coupled Pumps Ideal for Direct Connecting to Your Pipework and Other Equipment with No Drive Equipment Needed.

Viking 75 Series Pump for compactness, less weight and simplicity of mounting, are easy to use when performing applications like filtering, transferring, lubricating or booster service. 

Viking 75 Series have 5 sizes in the close-coupled pump range from 1 to 7 m3/h. Viking 75 Motor mounted General Purpose Pump requires no couplings, bases, gears or outboard bearings. All pumps in the Viking Pump 75 Series are motor flange mounted with no need for a baseplate. 


  • NEMA C-face mount for easy installation and a small footprint. (75 & 475)
  • Simplified rotor retention system, economical for medium duty applications
  • IEC mount option available