Viking 126A Universal Seal Pump

  • Max. Capacity 1.8 - 114 m³`/H

  • Max. Pressure 14 Bar

  • Max. Viscosity 440,000 cSt

  • Temperature Range -50 to +345

Viking 126A Universal Seal Pump

Viking 126A Universal Seal Pump Heavy-Duty Bracket Mounted Universal Seal

Viking Pump 126A has the broadest range of sealing options available. 

Viking Pump 126A in Ireland -Viking Pump's Most Versatile Line of Internal Gear Pumps. 

Viking Pump 126A Universal Product Line has the broadest range of sealing options of all pumps built by Viking. The stuffing box on all sizes accepts packing, numerous component single mechanical seals, or a wide variety of cartridge seals. The Universal Product Line is Viking Pump’s most versatile line of internal gear pumps due to the availability of many design and material options.



Viking Pump 126A Pump Viking Internal Gear Pump Universal Series Supplied by Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering in Ireland.



Model H4126A
Series .
Size H
Seal Type Mechanical Seal
Valve Relief Valve
Port Size 1.5"
Seals FKM
Gears (Rotor/Idler) Iron / Iron
External Material Ductile Iron
Port Type Class 150 ANSI Flange
Port Orientation 90 Degree
Idler Bushing Carbon Graphite
Shaft Bushings Carbon Graphite



Features and Benefits of the Viking 126A Internal Gear Pump.

  • Positive Displacement Internal Gear pumping principle handles a broad range of viscosities with constant flow rate
  • Axial rotor thrust is controlled by double row ball bearing or tapered roller bearings; a bushing provides a secondary point of radial shaft support 
  • Rotatable bearing housing provides easy rotor end clearance adjustment for viscosity or to compensate wear
  • Numerous material options are available for bushings, idler pins, shafts, rotors, idlers and elastomers
  • Gear and pump geometry has been optimized based on more than 100 years of experience
  • Footed ductile iron bracket provides rigid mounting to help maintain alignment, which extends seal and bearing life
  • Can use direct drive, gear reducer or gearmotor drive, or belt-drive
  • Pressure relief valve standard; less valve / plain head option available
  • Series designed with an enlarged bearing housing.
  • Used in conjunction with a spacer coupling permits easy cartridge seal installation and removal in place without removing the head and rotor/shaft.
  • Seal options include packing, single component seals, cartridge lip seals and cartridge single and double mechanical seals. Various seal flush plans are available