HNP Mikrosysteme smartDoS® Tailormade pumping system for pilot series or automated processes. 

HNP Mikrosysteme smartDoS® is a flexible dosing and filling system that is configured according to customer requirements. On the one hand smartDoS® is suitable for the ergonomic design of manual workstations for small and pilot series. On the other hand, production processes can be automated due to the integrability of mechanics and control technology.

Applications of the smartDoS® modular pumping system

  • Dosing in cosmetics

  • Filling in the pharmaceutical sector

  • Dosing of ink and colorants

  • Bubble-free filling of oil dampers


Advantages of using the smartDoS® HNP Mikrosysteme Integrated Pumping System

  • Dosing volumes in the microliter and milliliter range

  • Adjustable dosing dynamic
  • Wide viscosity range
  • Self-priming micro pump
  • Graphical user interface
  • Signal exchange with PLC
  • Gentle, bubble-free dosage
  • No liquid quality loss
  • Effective use of raw materials
  • Cost and time savings
  • Easy emptying, rinsing and adaption

HNPM smartDoS® System components

  • Micro annular gear pump

  • Smart, intuitive control with mzr-Touch Control

  • Filters, different sizes and mesh width

  • Reservoir

  • Shut-off valve

  • Dosing needle

  • Hand or foot switch

Typical liquids or fluids handled by the HNP tailor made smartDoS® pumping system.

  • The smartDoS pumps tiny doses of Oils, greases, silicones, waxes

  • HNPM SmartDoS pumps micro dosing of Adhesives, UV-adhesives, colorants

  • smartDoS doses Solvents

  • Additives in process engineering, pharma and food industry




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