Standard Pump Drum Pump Pump Package 4 | Acids & Alkalis Measurement available from Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering Ltd Bray Irish Supplier and Agent of Standard Pump Drum Pumps

Standard Pump Pump Package for Acids and Alkalis Measurement

The Standard Pump Drum Pump Package for Acids and Alkali’s Measurement allows users to safely measure and transfer corrosive liquids. Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering Ltd. Are Irish Suppliers

Max Capacity: 51 Litres per minute

Max Pressure: 1.06 bar

Max Viscosity: 300 cPs

Temperature Range: Max Temperature 55°C

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The Standard Pump Package for Acids and Alkalis Measurement allows users to safely measure and transfer corrosive liquids.

The Drum Pump Package from Standard Pump for Acids and Alkali measurement can be used for the following applications:


  • Hydrochloric Acid

  • Acetic Acid

  • Sulfuric Acid

  • Nitric Acid (20%)


Motor Type SP-280P-2-V
Pump Assembly Polypropylene
Pump Length 39″ (1000 mm) or 47″ (1200 mm)
Hose 1,8 m, I.D. 1″ (25 mm) AtEx/Chemical Hose
Dispensing Nozzle 1″ (25 mm), Polypropylene (Viton® or EPDM o-ring)
Flow Meter Digital / Polypropylene
Barrel Adapter Polypropylene
Storage Bracket Steel
Max. Flow Rate 51 LPM based on water
Max. Pressure 10,6 m
Max. Viscosity 300 cps (mPas)
Max. Temperature 55° C


Pump assembly – Polypropylene



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