Verderflex Vantage 5000 SCADA HV

Max Capacity: 6600 ml/min

Max Pressure: 7 bar

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Verderflex Vantage 5000 SCADA HV

Precise dosing cased drive tube pumps with USB data back-up

The Vantage 5000 has high discharge pressures and superior precision dosing.

The Verderflex Vantage 5000 SCADA HV is the next generation in 115V DC opto-isolated remotely controlled cased drive tube pumps combining precision dosing and dispensing accuracy with high discharge pressures, an intuitive touch screen user interface and a USB data backup port.  Ideal for SCADA systems, control signal inputs & outputs include 0-10V, 4 to 20mA & proportional flow modes, 7 control volt free inputs & 4 volt free status outputs. 


The Verderflex Vantage 5000 family is the next generation of cased drive tube pumps. Combining precision dosing and dispensing accuracy with high discharge pressures, an intuitive touch screen user interface and a USB data backup port.  Remote control signal options include include 0-10V, 4 to 20mA & tachometer inputs & outputs with optional opto isolation and multiple volt free inputs & outputs. 

A highly advanced next generation peristaltic pump system for precise dosing with touch screen technology and intuitive operating system.  


The Verderflex Vantage 5000 has a very high turn down ratio of 4096:1 for precise dosing control. This means optimised chemical usage and lower water treatment and processing costs. With precision dosing at high discharge pressures (7 bar), this system solves many pumping problems. With its gentle and low shear peristaltic pumping action, it is ideal for pumping fragile biotech cultures and particle size sensitive water industry flocculants. 

As a genuine dry priming pump, it readily pumps off-gassing liquids like Hypochlorites, eliminating vapour locking dosing failures without additional degassing valves and other ancillary equipment. As with all peristaltic pumps, only the tubing is in contact with the pumped fluid, making the Verderflex Vantage 5000 ideal for metering corrosive reagents or particle heavy slurries such as lime.  


The Verderflex Vantage 5000 employs new technology featuring Analogue Remote Control action, Real-time event clock for timed operations, options with SCADA versions with optical isolation and Digital Control Protocols like RS 485, IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi, Profibus and Modbus. This means the smart system is compatible with almost all high-tech pumping applications in various industries like water treatment, food, pharmaceuticals, breweries, and chemical dosing with highly reliable and efficient performance.  




  • Brewery 
  • Chemical dosing 
  • Food flavouring 
  • Mineral processing 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Water treatment 



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