Verderflex VF80 Peristaltic Hose Pump

Max Capacity: 40 m³/h

Max Pressure: 16 bar

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Discover the Versatility of the Verderflex VF80 Peristaltic Hose Pump

Introducing the Verderflex VF80

Engineered for excellence, the Verderflex VF80 peristaltic hose pump serves a variety of sectors, including mining, food and beverage processing, chemical handling, and water treatment. Its design focuses on simplicity and efficiency, ensuring it operates seamlessly even in the most demanding industrial environments.

Design and Functionality of the VF80

The VF80 showcases an innovative peristaltic mechanism. Its unique design keeps the medium completely enclosed within a durable, multi-layered hose. This structure prevents any contact with moving parts, guaranteeing a contamination-free process. A rotor compresses the hose, which consists of an inner layer, several reinforcement layers, and a protective outer layer. This compression moves the contents forward in a smooth ‘positive displacement’ motion. After the rotor passes, the hose’s elasticity brings it back to its original shape, generating suction that readies the pump for the next cycle.

A Multitude of Industrial Applications

The VF80 shines across various industries due to its versatility:

  • Mining Industry: It excels at handling abrasive slurries.
  • Water Treatment: Perfect for precise chemical dosing.
  • Chemical Industry: It safely pumps aggressive and corrosive substances.
  • Paints and Coatings: Ensures uncontaminated transfers.
  • Textile Industry: Ideal for accurate dye dosing.
  • Ceramic Industry: Capable of pumping dense ceramic slurries.
  • Paper and Pulp Industry: Efficient in handling different chemicals.
  • Cosmetics: Maintains the integrity of sensitive products.
  • Recycling & Waste Remediation: Manages a variety of waste materials.
  • Food and Beverage: Guarantees hygienic transfer processes.
  • Agriculture: Useful for fertilizing and chemical dosing.
  • Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas: Facilitates biogas material transfer.
  • Automotive: Applied in various manufacturing processes.
  • General Industrial Applications: A reliable solution for numerous tasks.

In conclusion, the Verderflex VF80 Peristaltic Hose Pump is an essential tool in modern industrial operations. With its adaptability, reliability, and ground-breaking design, it enhances efficiency and safety in a wide array of industrial applications




What is Peristalsis in nature?
The involuntary constriction and relaxation of the muscles of the intestine or another canal, creating wave-like movements which push the contents of the canal forward.
How do peristaltic dosing pumps work?
1. The peristaltic pump is based on alternating compression and relaxation of the hose or tube drawing the contents into the hose or tube, operating in a similar way to our throat and intestines.
2. A rotating shoe or roller passes along the length of the hose or tube totally compressing it and creating a seal between suction & discharge side of the pump, eliminating product slip.
3. Upon restitution of the hose or tube a strong vacuum is formed drawing product into the pump.
4. The medium to be pumped does not come into contact with any moving parts and is totally contained within a robust, heavy-duty hose or a precision extruded tube.
5. This pumping action makes the pump suitable for accurate dosing applications and has a pressure rating up to 16 bar (hose) and 2 bar (tube).
6. The high pressure hose has inner layer of 2-6 reinforcement layers and an outer layer, which allow higher working pressures and generate higher suction lifts than non re-enforced tubing.
To learn more about Verderflex and peristaltic pumps please review the below video.


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