Viking 224A CHC Series

Max Capacity: 1,514 lpm

Max Pressure: 14 bar

Max Viscosity: 200,000 cSt

Temperature Range: max 107°C

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A Chocolate Pump from Viking Pump designed for a new generation of chocolatiers 

Double O-Ring Seal pump. The 224A-CHC product series comes in 9 sizes and application specific models. 

Viking’s 224A-CHC Series pumps are jacketed, cast iron positive displacement pumps for chocolate and confectionery applications. A unique Double O-Ring shaft seal prevents leakage of chocolate or cocoa butter along the drive shaft. This seal also doubles as the bracket bushing, and prevents chocolate from entering the bracket where it could otherwise build up.

Viking pumps are used in processing chocolate (bean to bulk), making confections (bulk to bar), and plants that do both (bean to bar). Whether it’s loading or unloading tanker trucks, transferring materials from one process to another, or recirculating dark, milk or white chocolate in an enrobing machine, Viking does it all. Typical applications are shown on the attached Process Map. 

Viking pumps are typically used to pump pressed chocolate liquor which is a mixture of finely milled solids – cocoa, sugar, and milk products. At this point in the process, the approximate size of the particles is 100 microns. During the refining process, the particle size of both the chocolate liquor and sugar are reduced to approximately 25 – 30 microns, small enough so that the human tongue does not detect grittiness. 

Viking Chocolate pump 224A CHC comes in two models – the CHC1 and the CHC2

Viking's 224A-CHC pump is designed with chocolate in mind. With a Double O-Ring seal, this pump is instrumental in leak-free pumping. Some other applications include Cocoa Liquor, all Chocolates and Pastes (CHC1 models) and Cocoa Butter, Oils, Lecithin (CHC2 Models)



The chocolate pump Viking 224A-CHC1 model is used to pump Cocoa Mass, Liquor and Chocolate 

The chocolate pump Viking 224A-CHC2 is used to pump Cocoa Butter, Fats and Lecithin

224A-CHC1 models, for all chocolates and liquors, include flush and suckback grooves on the casing, which prevent chocolate buildup behind the rotor.
224A-CHC2 models, for cocoa butter, fats and lecithin, are identical except do not have grooves, allowing easy interchangeability of pumps and parts throughout the plant.
Viking’s Chocolate Series pumps offer a number of other standard features to ensure reliability, including jacketing on the head and bracket to melt chocolate before startup; drilled idler gear with hardened iron bushings to prevent caramelization; hardened steel shafts; and steel or ductile iron rotors for high viscosity. All materials are food grade, and the pumps are marked as EC-1935 compliant to prevent leaching of harmful materials into food. 


• CASING, HEAD, BRACKET & IDLER: Cast Iron (except H/HL idlers powdered metal, Q idler hardened steel)
• ROTOR: Steel (Sizes H, HL, K, LQ, LL, Q); Ductile Iron (Sizes KK, LS, QS)
• SHAFT: Hardened Steel
• BRACKET & IDLER BUSHINGS: Hardened cast iron
• SEALS: Food grade gaskets and FDA FKM O-rings
• LUBRICANTS: Food grade grease
• JACKETING: Jacketed heads and brackets standard to enable melting chocolate before startup


• MAX. TEMPERATURE: 225°F / 107°C

For chocolatiers with existing packed Viking chocolate pumps, they may be easily converted to the double O-Ring Seal design. Convenient kits provide all of the components necessary for conversion. 


Double ORing Seal Pump for Chocolate

Double O-Ring Seal vs. Packing
The Viking 224A has evolved to provide a seal that reduces loss of product due to leakage.
On the right is the pump using packing and the left hand side is the new Double O-Ring Seal the 224A CHC  – see how there is no leakage of chocolate now. 
Packed pump at right leaking cocoa butter, O-ring sealed pump at left with no leakage.


2 models available 

The chocolate pump Viking 224A-CHC1 model is used to pump Cocoa Mass, Liquor and Chocolate 

The chocolate pump Viking 224A-CHC2 is used to pump Cocoa Butter, Fats and Lecithin


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