Viking 4195-G LPG Spec Pumps

Max Capacity: 132 m³h

Max Pressure: 7 Bar

Max Viscosity: 3,300 cSt

Temperature Range: −40 to +150°C



Viking 4195-G LPG Spec Pumps

Internal Gear Liquid Petroleum Gas Pumps ideal for pumping gas

Positive Displacement Pumps supplying high flow rates operating at motor speeds.

There are six models of the 4195-G LPG Thin Liquid Viking Pumps, three large Bulk Plant Pumps ( AS, AK and AL) and three small Fuelling Pumps (GG, HJ and HL). The three small 4195-G Series pumps are ideal for fueling and bottle filling service and the three large size pumps are built for high speed bulk plant transfer service. All sizes feature O-Ring gaskets, dry-liquid type mechanical seals, casing ball bearings and radial thrust ball bearings, integral return-to-tank valves and carry the Underwriter’s label.

Higher speeds mean greater value, with the ability to move more fluid with a smaller pump. It also enables close-coupling to a motor or gearmotor, which eliminates shaft misalignment and results in longer seal and bearing life by preventing wear due to misalignment. Because the pump’s maximum viscosity at motor speeds is 560 cSt, it is considered a “thin liquid” pump, for transfer of light oils, refined fuels and chemicals. It has the ability to handle thicker liquids at reduced speeds, though, to 25,000 SSU (5,500 cSt), providing versatility of application where temperatures or chemical reactions may increase viscosity.

The three small pumps feature non-lubricated idler bearings and the three large sizes, Viking’s exclusive automatic pressure lubrication system.

The three small series 4195-G pumps are built for LP-Gas bottle filling or fueling of tractors, cars, trucks, taxi-cabs or buses from central storage tanks. The three larger 4195-G Series pumps enable you to step up bulk plant transfer of LP-Gas. All can be direct connected to 1200 RPM motors. Viking LP-Gas pumps are built for intermittent transfer services and not for continuous duty or suction pressures above ambient temperature vapor pressures.




(Standard Equipment)
(“AS”, “AK” & “AL” Sizes)
This system provides a constant film of liquid between the idler bushing and idler pin at a pressure equal to the pump discharge pressure regardless of pump rotation.
(Standard Equipment)
O-Ring gaskets are used between casing and head plate and between casing and returnto-tank bypass valve or valve plates on all 4195-G Series pumps. O-Rings provide a positive seal,  eliminating a chance for leakage at these points.
(Standard Equipment)
These adjustable return-to-tank bypass valves are used for handling LP-Gas and in many applications where the liquid should be transferred back to a supply tank rather than directly back to  the suction side of the pump. Using this return-to-tank bypass valve in place of regular internal relief valve helps keep the temperature of the liquid from rising when the valve is in use. The result is improved pump service with longer life and quieter operation.



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