Viking 4223AX API 676 Compliant Pump

Max Capacity: 250 m³h

Max Pressure: 14 Bar

Max Viscosity: 7500 cSt

Temperature Range: −30 to +290 °C



Viking 4223AX API 676 Compliant Pump

4223AX & 4323AX Series foot-mounted internal gear pumps are designed and manufactured to comply fully with the current version of American Petroleum Institute’s design standard for positive displacement pumps, API 676.

Applications include oil and gas and petrochemical industries where exceptional reliability is required.

FEATURES & BENEFITS Besides the features required by the API 676 standard, Viking offers many additional features and benefits that our customers commonly request, including:
Jacketing to melt ambient-temperature solids like bitumen before startup.
The XPD 676 features jacketed bracket and casing as standard, with option for jacketed head.
Opposite ports with a reversible direction of flow are standard, for easy in-line piping and the ability to transfer product in either direction or strip a line of product.
O-Ring seals on head and casing joints instead of gaskets for maximum sealing effectiveness.
Optional labyrinth seals on bearing housing for longest bearing life by minimizing contamination (lip seals standard).
Grease lubrication standard, enabling re-greasing of pump during operation, without the need for shutdown.
End clearance is easily adjusted to compensate for wear over time or for higher temperatures or viscosities, by simply rotating the threaded bearing housing.



Model Q4223AX
Drive Types RDRIVE
Series .
Size Q


Seal Type Double Cartridge Seal
Valve Less Relief Valve
Port Size 4″
Seals FFKM
Idler Pin Hardened Steel
Gears (Rotor/Idler) Iron / Iron
External Material Steel
Port Type Class 300 ANSI Flange
Port Orientation Opposite
Idler Bushing Carbon Graphite
Shaft Bushings Carbon Graphite
Jacketed Bracket & Casing
Gears Iron/Iron


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