Viking 493 Compact Motor Speed Pumps

Max Capacity: 17 m³h

Max Pressure: 17 Bar

Max Viscosity: 3,300 cSt

Temperature Range: -20 to 175°C



Viking 493 Compact Motor Speed Pumps General Purpose Close Coupled Pump

Viking 493 Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Pump for a variety of applications.

Viking 493 Hard Wearing, Long Lasting Pump

Viking’s Motor Speed Product Line Series 493 and 4193 steel external pumps are available in capacities up to 284 LPM or 17 m³h. These pumps can be furnished directly connected to a 50HZ or 60 HZ motor. Series 493 is designed for vertical or horizontal flange mount installations where space is at a premium. Series 4193 is designed for foot type horizontal mounting. These pumps are built for continuous or intermittent duty for such applications as filtering, circulating, transferring, or booster service in general industrial, petrochemical and other industries. They are furnished as standard with mechanical seal construction to minimize liquid loss and for shaft protection. The thrust control provides micrometer adjustments for accurate rotor and shaft positioning to help you keep operating with new-pump efficiency through years of heavy duty service.

Viking Pump 493 Motor speed product line series steel external pumps with vertical or horizontal flanges. Continuous intermittent duty


Standard Materials of Construction of the Viking 493

Component Standard Material
Casing Steel ASTM A216, Grade WCB
Head Steel ASTM A216, Grade WCB
Rotor Shaft Steel ASTM A108, Grade 1045
Rotor GG, HJ Cast Iron, ASTM A48, Class 35B
Rotor HL, AS, AK, AL Ductile Iron, ASTM A536, Grade 60-40-18
Idler GG, HJ, HL Steel (Powdered Metal)

GG: MPIF 35, FN-0208-45
HJ, HL: MPIF 35, FC-0208-50
Idler AS, AK, AL Ductile Iron, ASTM A536, Grade 60-40-18
Idler Pin Hardened Steel, ASTM A108, Grade 1045
Idler Bushing Carbon Graphite
Pressure Relief Valve Steel Externals, ASTM A216, Grade WCB
Mounting Bracket (Units Only) Cast Iron
Viton™, Carbon / Ni-Resist
Viton™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC


FEATURES & BENEFITS of the Viking 493 Mechanical seal pump.

Ball Bearings Standard

Pumps are equipped with inner casing ball bearing installed outside of mechanical seal and a radial thrust ball bearing permitting heavy-duty service up to 250 PSI (17 BAR). Bearings are “Sealed for Life”.

Integral Over-Pressure Relief Valve Standard

Permits bypassing of liquid from discharge to suction side of pump. Prevents build up of pressure in discharge line. GG, HJ and HL size valve mounts on pump head. AS, AK and AL size valve mounts on pump casing.

O-Ring Gaskets Standard

O-Ring gaskets are used between casing and head plate and between casing and relief valve or valve plates. Flat valve gaskets furnished on GG, HJ and HL size pumps. These gaskets provide a positive seal eliminating a chance for leak-age at these points.

Ductile Iron Parts Standard on AS, AK & AL Sizes

Internal pumping gears (rotor and idler) are constructed of ductile iron for added strength in handling all types of liquids up to 15,000 SSU (3,300 cSt). HL size rotor also furnished in ductile iron.


MOUNTING OPTIONS of the Viking 493 Motor Speed Pump

Flange Motor Mount Units (M Drive)

Pump and motor mounted to a flange mounting bracket with coupling.
Sizes: GG – AL493
For more compact horizontal mounting, the “C” face mounted Series 493 Heavy-Duty pump units in all six sizes include a combination motor “C” flange and square pump flange bracket with coupling connecting motor and pump. The three smaller units connect to a foot mounted motor, while the three larger units include a foot type bracket to mount a flange type motor.

Direct Drive (D Drive)

Pump and motor mounted on a base with coupling and coupling guard.
Sizes: GG – AL4193
Series 4193 units in the “GG”, “HJ” and “HL” size are designed for high-speed, heavy-duty service. The pump is connected by a flexible coupling with guard directly
to a 50 HZ or 60 HZ motor. Both pump and motor mount on a sturdy formed steel base. This makes a very compact, rugged unit for heavy-duty service, handling many types of liquids up to 3,300 cSt.

Vertically Inline Mounted (IM Drive)

Pump and motor vertically mounted to a flange mounting bracket with coupling.

Sizes: GG – AL493

Viking’s Series 493 pump line can be mounted either vertically or horizontally to electric motors. Vertical inline mounted unit described on this page comes complete with footless “C” flange mounting bracket and coupling between motor and pump. (Shown with the following options: non-sparking aluminum guard, drip rim, lift eyes, grounding lug)


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