Viking 495 Compact Motor Speed Pump

Max Capacity: 26 m³h

Max Pressure: 17 Bar

Max Viscosity: 3,300 cSt

Temperature Range: -40 to +150°C



Viking 495 Compact Motor Speed Pump ideal for Pumping Candle Wax, Diesel, or any water with higher viscosity than water.

Viking Pump Internal Pump series 495 are an excellent pump in the pumping of diesel for back up generators in Data Centres.

Viking’s Motor Speed Product Line internal gear pumps represent a technological advance in the science of flow. Through new techniques of feeding the rotor and idler, Viking has achieved what was once considered impossible – high flow rates operating at motor speeds. The largest size (QS) operates at reduced speeds, but still faster than other pumps of similar displacement. Higher speeds mean greater value, with the ability to move more fluid with a smaller pump. It also enables close-coupling to a motor or gearmotor, which eliminates shaft misalignment and results in longer seal and bearing life by preventing wear due to misalignment.



Direct drive with no gear reducer (with 60 Hz 4 pole motor to 205 GPM / 47 m3 /h, 6 pole motor to 350 GPM / 80 m3 /h, 8 pole motor to 460 GPM / 104 m3 /h)

  • Reduces cost of installation
  • Eliminates one shaft alignment
  • Eliminates one set of couplings and coupling guard
  • Reduces footprint
  • Eliminates gearbox lubrication and maintenance

Close-couple to C-face motor or gearmotor at flows to 350 GPM / 80 m3 /h

  • Eliminates all shaft misalignment and coupling guards
  • Keeps shafts aligned for longer seal and bearing life
  • Simplifies mounting on skid frame without extra baseplate
  • Enables vertical mounting for smallest footprint (up to 350 GPM / 80 m3 /h)



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