Viking Flow Dividers



Increase the versatility of your hydraulic system with Viking Rotary Gear Flow Dividers by accurately dividing one source of flow into two, three or four equal flows. Properly applied rotary gear flow dividers reduce operating costs by eliminating the

need for multiple pumps and related plumbing and fittings. Each section is designed with an integral differential pressure relief valve to protect the downstream actuator and limit the amount of pressure intensification, which would otherwise occur if pressure in one of the discharge branches dropped to some level lower than the other(s). Viking positive displacement rotary gear flow dividers use less horsepower, provide a greater usable flow and viscosity range and achieve greater accuracy over conventional spool-type dividers. Unlike the spooltype, Viking flow dividers operate on the principle that horsepower IN equals horsepower OUT.

Subsequently, there is no wasted horsepower and no additional heat added to the system. Rotary gear flow divider applications include fuel distribution systems, lube systems, forklift trucks, container handlers, cranes, manlifts and many types of multiple function machines.





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