Viking Hygienic Revolution CPP Pump

Max Capacity: 190 m3/h

Max Pressure: 31 bar

Max Viscosity: 440,000 cSt

Temperature Range: to 150°C

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Viking Hygienic Revolution CPP Pump

The Viking Hygienic is the first hybrid rotary lobe & circumferential piston pump with front loading seals.

The Viking Hygienic is the first true CIP (Clean in Place) Hybrid Circumferential Piston & Lobe Pump and delivers increased product yield, increased lifetime of components, reduced maintenance costs, with outstanding CIP cleanability and higher standards of hygiene.


Cleanability of the Viking Hygienic CPP Pump

  • Efficient CIP (Clean In Place) ability is standard for all Revolution pumps
  • Self draining pump head from innovative cusps & cusp reliefs
  • Innovative seal design with no dead zones & a dynamic leak path
  • No dead zones on front cover


Ease of Maintenance of  Viking Hygienic CPP Pump

  • Fast, front loading seal changes while pump is still in line
  • Front access shimming for setting rotor clearance significantly reduces maintenance time
  • Convenient preventive maintenance parts kits available


Performance of  Viking Hygienic  CPP Pump

  • Improved volumetric efficiency in low & high viscosity applications
  • Gentle handling of solids & shear sensitive products
  • Long-life durability from heavy duty shafts, bearings & helical gears Less overhung load



CE Certificate Thomson Process Wright Flow Revolution Pump      



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