Viking LS124A

Max Capacity: 45 m³/h

Max Pressure: 14 bar

Max Viscosity: 17,000 cSt

Temperature Range: max 232°C



Viking LS124A Best Pump for Pumping Molasses

From Viking Universal Product Line – the Universal Cast Iron Non-Jacketed Pumps – ideal for agricultural business- for the pumping of Molasses on haulage trucks, Molasses pumping to tank or for a farmer wanting to pump Molasses into silage or diet feeder.

Molasses is an important ingredient in diet feeders in Ireland, and the Viking LS124A is a highly efficient, money-saving pump.

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Order the Molasses Pump – Viking LS124A before 31st October 2018 and receive a FREE Seal Repair Kit worth €500



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Model LS124A
Series 124A Universal Seal Pump
Size LS
Weight 86.18 kg
Seal Type Packing
Valve Relief Valve
Port Size 3″
Seals Standard Packing
Idler Pin Hardened Steel
Gears (Rotor/Idler) Ductile Iron / Iron
External Material Cast Iron
Port Type Class 125 ANSI Flange
Port Orientation 90 Degree
Idler Bushing Bronze
Shafts Steel
Shaft Bushings Bronze
Gears Ductile Iron/Iron




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