Zuwa Acostar PTFE Flexible Impeller Pump

Max Capacity: 30 l/min

Max Pressure: 3 bar

Temperature Range: up to 60°C

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Zuwa Acostar PTFE Flexible Impeller Pump

For a wide variety of applications in the chemical sector the Zuwa Acostar PTFE Flexible Impeller pump is perfect for fluids with various viscosities plus agressive acids, bases and solvents.
Using top quality seals and Impellers made of VITON is a very safe pump.  Various motors (220, 400 V; 1.400, 2.800 U/min; 50, 60 Hz). “Star knobs” make for quick and simple installation of the Impeller.
The Ceramic sleeve to protect the motor shaft comes as standard equipment. A frequency converter can be used to adjust the pump speed or rotation direction.
An excellent pump for PTFE light weight jobs in the Chemical sectors.
To be used with fluids compatible with PTFE (TEFLON®) and FPM/FKM (VITON®) only.
The synthetic impeller pump ACOSTAR 2000 is a complete unit consisting of pump and motor.
Acostar with Frequency Converter
A frequency converter allows you to regulate the flow rate continuously and precisely. Essential for use in the chemical sector.
The Zuwa Acostar Flexible Impeller Pump is a great dosing pump for light processes. It can be used in the following applications:
  • liquid transfer pump
  • filter supply pump
  • dosing pump
  • decanting pump
  • draining pump
and it can pump the following fluids:
  • acids
  • bases
  • solvents
  • viscous liquids


Zuwa Acostar Flexible Impeller Pump Specifications

flow rate max. litres 30 l/min
flow rate max. 1,8 m³/h
max. pressure 3 bar
Inlet/outlet optional ¾“ mt (11012107) or hose spout ¾“  (11012106) > please order seperately
Impeller Viton® (FKM) , Bush material stainless steel (1.4404) special bush
Shaft sealing ring Viton
rod seal Viton
Material pump housing PTFE , Lateral disc Keramik AK99,5
Protective pipe ceramic AK99,5
with dry run protection 60°C
With star handles
Electric motor
Voltage (AC) 230/400 V, Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal power 0,37 kW, Rated current (AC) 1,9/1,1 A
rotation max. 2800 min-1
Material motorshaft 1.4104
Protection class IP55 , Operating mode S1
With integrated frequency converter, supply voltage 230 V

Frequency Converter Specifications

Art. Nr. 170010
Supply voltage 230 Volt
For recommended motor power 0,37 to 0,75 kW
Rated current (DC) 6,9 A, 0,75 kW, IP65
EMV class C1
UL/CSA certified
weight 1,5 kg
Can be used for all 400 V motors in
0,37 – 0,55 – 0,75 kW


The Zuwa Acostar Flexible Impeller Pump Flow Rates

Zuwa Flow Rates for acostar flexibile impeller pump chemical dosing pump thomson process equipment and engineering

dry self priming Impeller pump made of PTFE (TEFLON®)
appropriate for fl uids containing solids
dry self priming from a depth of three meters
pumping head 30 meters
fl ow rate from 3 to 30 liters/minute
dry running protection as standard
You can choose between a ¾“ connection or a ½“ hose spout. Both connections are made of durable PTFE.


Acostar can be used with a FREQUENCY CONVERTER

You are able to regulate the speed of rotation seamlessly by using a frequency converter to set the exact required flow rate.

ACOSTAR with frequency converter:
Acostar Zuwa Flexible Impeller Pump with frequency converter Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering LTD
Use the Frequency Converter for:
  • speed regulation
  • bi-directional
  • overload protection
  • precise drive control
  • compact design
  • high energy efficiency


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