Zuwa Nirostar Stainless Steel Flexible Impeller Pumps

Max Capacity: 60 l/min

Max Pressure: 5 bar

Max Viscosity: 20.000 cSt

Temperature Range: 90°C

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Zuwa Nirostar Stainless Steel Flexible Impeller Pumps

ZUWA-Impeller pumps are easy and inexpensive to maintain self priming pumps. They are insensitive to solid content in the fluid due to the flexible impellers and can even promote high-viscosity fluids.

There are 4 models of NIROSTAR 2000-a | 2000-B | 2001-a | 2001-B

A high quality stainless steel pump with numerous applications in industrial plants and production facilities and a good choice for transferring corrosive fluids. Frequently used in food and beverage industry.
Can be used for the following pumping needs:
  • liquid transfer pump
  • filter supply pump
  • dosing pump
  • decanting pump
  • draining pump


and it can pump the following:
  • Foods
  • Drinks
  • Mash
  • Chemicals – acids & bases
  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Dyes & glues
  • vegetable oils
  • cooling lubricants
  • fire fighting foam agents


Zuwa Nirostar Stainless Steel Flexible Impeller Pumps Curves

Zuwa Nirostar Flexible Impeller Pump Flow Rates A and B

NIROSTAR A and B Flow Rate Curves



Flow rates of NIROSTAR- C and D

Zuwa Nirostar Flexible Impeller Pumps Curves Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering LTD

Nirostar E and D


flow rate max. litres 60 l/min
flow rate max. m³ 3,6 m³/h
max. pressure 3 bar
Inlet/outlet 1″ mt
Impeller Viton® (FKM) , Bush material stainless steel (1.4404)
Shaft sealing ring Viton® (FKM)
Material pump housing stainless steel 1.4404
With star handles
With pump carrier
Electric motor
Voltage (AC) 230/400 V, Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal power 0,55 kW, Rated current (AC) 2,4/1,4 A
rotation max. 2800 min-1
Material motorshaft 1.4104
Protection class IP55 , Operating mode S1
weight 10,5 kg



NIROSTAR Flexible impeller pump comes either Directly flanged or with a pump carrier.
Directly flanged
The pump casing can either be directly flanged to the motor or is connected via a special adapter.
Nirostar flexible impeller pump
With pump carrier
Carrier to connect pumps with standardized motors with installation size M71 B3/B14.
Zuwa Nirostar flexible impeller pump
Nirostar 2000-B/PT


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