Zuwa Unistar Flexible Impeller Pump

Max Capacity: 60 l/min

Max Pressure: 5 Bar

Temperature Range: Max temperature 90 °C

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Zuwa Unistar Flexible Impeller Pump

A multi-purpose flexible impeller pump designed for transferring clean or contaminated liquids. Not suitable for handling abrasive or corrosive fluids.
The Zuwa Unistar has two models with and without a motor – the Unistar 2000 is a flexible impeller pump with a motor and therefore a complete unit. The Unistar 2001 is a manual impeller pump, enabling the pump to be connected to any type of alternative drive unit.
Drive options:
  • mains powered motor
  • power drill
  • V-belt drive
  • gear motor
  • hydraulic motor
  • pneumatic drive


Applications and Uses for the Zuwa Unistar Flexible Impeller Pump

The Zuwa Unistar Flexible Impeller Pump is a dirty water pump, waste pump, a pump for filling solar collectors, a pump for irrigation, an excellent pump for rain water harvesting, for draining flooded basements.

It can be used as a pump for decanting barrels, for sewerage disposal, for fuelling vehicles.

If you need a pump to drain waste oil, to dispose of cooling lubricants the Zuwa Unistar Flexible Impeller Pump is perfect and is ready to use with motor.

In garden centres and gardening this is a great pump for draining water beds, rain water harvesting and irrigation. It is also excellent for cleaning tanks and draining tanks on farms and in agricultural and gardening projects. In eco projects, the Zuwa Flexible Impeller pump is great for filling solar collectors, a dirty water pump and waste pump as well as for irrigation and rain water harvesting.

The Fluids that the Zuwa Unistar Flexible Impeller Pump are best working with are

  • waste water
  • diesel fuel, biodiesel
  • vegetable oils
  • heating and motor oil
  • detergents
  • antifreeze
  • heat transfer fluid
  • cooling lubricants
They are multiuse pumps and are handy and lightweight. This is a utility pump that you can store in your cupboard, no matter what you want to pump this will do a great job of the smaller scale processes (generators for example)


flow rate max. litres 60 l/min
flow rate max. 3,6 m³/h
max. pressure 3 bar
Inlet/outlet 1″ BSP
Impeller  Viton® (FKM) , Bush material Polyamid
Shaft sealing ring  Viton® (FKM)
Material pump housing aluminum EN AW-6082/AC-43400
Electric motor
Voltage (AC) 230/400 V, Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal power 0,55 kW, Rated current (AC) 2,4/1,4 A
rotation max. 2800 min-1
Material motorshaft 1.4104
Protection class IP55 , Operating mode S1
weight 9,6 kg



The Unistar 2001 Flexible Impeller Pump without Motor has different drive options:
Pneumatic motor
The Pneumatic motor is a handheld motor which is a very handy and extremely light pump, but with a powerful pneumatic drive, especially made for garages where compressed air is available.
Transmission for V-belt drive
Transmission with 24 mm stainless steel shaft (AISI CA 6 NM) for pulley carrier. The motor shaft is mounted with a double angular ball bearing and is fixed by the bearing housing. Low abrasive.
Hydraulic motor
Hydraulic motor for connection to hydraulic systems of commercial vehicles


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