Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering Ltd. What is the difference between IoT and IoTT

What is the difference between IOT and IIOT Smart

What is the difference between IoT and IIoT Smart Manufacturing?

What is the difference between IoT and IIoT?

The difference between IOT and IIOT is small and nuanced. When we started to supply remote controlled IoT pumps, we started to learn that there is a new acronym in town – IIOT.

What is Smart Manufacturing?

But What Does IOTT Stand for? What does IOT Stand for?

IoT Means ‘Internet Of Things’ IIoT Means ‘Industrial Internet of Things.’
Our internet-enabled controllable pumps fall into the category of IIoT – the Industrial Internet of Things.

IoT essentially contains all Smart Objects that operate within the consumer world – IoT technology embraces everything from cookers to shoes, fridges to entertainment systems, and everything in between. These devices and appliances pass and receive data that connect the physical world to the digital realm. Anything that can do this is defined as Smart and are IoT devices.

The Internet of Things then branches off to industry. The Industrial Internet of Things, IIOT, is a similar concept to smart objects.

Both concepts have the same main character of connectivity, data transfer, and intelligence as well as availability.

The only difference between the two is the end-user and what the applications are trying to achieve.

“The Industrial Internet [of Things] will transform many industries, including manufacturing, oil, and gas, agriculture, mining, transportation, and healthcare.

Collectively, these account for nearly two-thirds of the world economy.” — World Economic Forum, Industrial Internet of Things Report

IIoT Enabled Pumps

How do Smart Pumps Work?

Smart Pumps or IIoT Pumps are pumps that have the capability of being programmed remotely as well as being able to store and transfer data relating to the application.

The data can then be read from a remote device, meaning that monitoring of the pumping application can be done remotely.

The Verderflex Vantage 5000 is a good example of this, the technology behind the MODBUS and SCADA pumps enable the engineers and users to remotely control the pumping application by using the app on their phone.

At Thomson Process we can also modify pumps using sensors to make monitoring flow rates and pressures easy from a remote location.

Contact us today about updating your current pumps to be IIOT enabled or to provide Smart pumps for your application.

The Verderflex Vantage 5000 Next Generation Cased Drive Peristaltic Tube Pumps


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